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Color. Boldness. Culture.

These are the essential elements for all spaces humans spend their time in, and they are the same foundational building blocks each of our designs are built upon. Whether your space is residential, professional, or for hospitality, it must serve the needs and function of the humans living and working within them. It is our responsibility to maximize the potential of those spaces, and it is a responsibility we take very seriously. Throughout the design process, we maintain a high focus on communication, transparency, and diligence in reaching the client’s objectives, and we promise our work will meet or exceed your expectations.


Our spaces define us, and contribute significantly to our daily lives. They are our sanctuaries, places we retreat to for learning, working, playing and connecting, and rooting ourselves to the world we all share. We would love to help create a place that will become a part of your journey as a human, and we cannot wait to begin collaborating with you.

About the Designer


Trish earned her interior design degree from UGS, and a psychology degree from USC. Originally from Morocco, Trish has spent the past 20 years connecting with the communities and people of the low country. Passionate about mental health, she believes strongly in the importance of creating interior spaces that are true sanctuaries, places for minds and bodies to flourish and thrive.

One of the defining experiences of Trish’s career prior to Fearless Interiors, was her time at a global hospitality firm in SOHO, NYC. This opened her mind to new challenges and experiences, letting her connect deeper with fellow humans in enriching new ways. When she’s not in the office, Trish enjoys being the mom of two growing boys.


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