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Influential and Impactful

Hello and Welcome to Fearless Interiors! You have officially taken the first step to a beautiful space that embodies both you as a person and your lifestyle.

Interior Design is so much more than just looks and aesthetics. 
We believe that everyone should have access to interior design, which is why we offer different services at different price points.


Good design flow can help with wellness, take stress away, and create better connections with friends and family. Interior design is not about fluffing pillows and paint colors, design is psychology. In most instances, we are designing for humans, so we need to keep the human psyche in mind.

Why should you hire a designer:


A designer can help create, design, and/or guide you in the direction you want to go and ultimately save you money on costly mistakes. It pays off in the long run to do it right the first time.


Let us design a space that is made for you; forget trends or what everyone else is doing, I want us to create what’s best for you. 


A well-designed space can help take stress away from your mind by being functional for your life. Let us take on the responsibility and stress of designing a space that will truly work for you and your life.

Have you or anyone you know decided to wing it and dye your own hair…and then still must go to a salon to get it fixed? Which ultimately costs you more money than just going to the salon in the first place (because we are definitely guilty of this)?




Trish earned her interior design degree from UGS, and a psychology degree from USC. Originally from Morocco, Trish has spent the past 20 years connecting with the communities and people of the low country. Passionate about mental health, she believes strongly in the importance of creating interior spaces that are true sanctuaries, places for minds and bodies to flourish and thrive.


Have a Project In Mind?


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